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Filipino National Artists Font Bundle

Filipino National Artists Font Bundle designed by John Misael Villanueva for The bundle includes Arturo, Leandro, and Manansala typefaces.

Arturo Typeface was inspired by Arturo Luz’s Black Forms on White Space artwork.

Arturo Rogerio Luz is a Philippine National Artist awardee in visual arts. Arturo Luz is a Filipino printmaker, sculptor, designer, and founding member of the modern Neo-Realist school in Philippine art. Influenced by Modernist painters such as Paul Klee, he has worked in a variety of styles and techniques in varying degrees of abstraction to create playful geometric figures and forms.

Leandro Locsin is known for his Brutalist Architecture. Brutalist buildings are characterized by their massive, monolithic, and ‘blocky’ appearance with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of poured concrete.

Some of the well-known works of Mr. Locsin are the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Davao International Airport, Manila Hotel, and the Design Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex to name a few.

This typeface was inspired by Leandro Locsin’s architectural designs, blocky and rigid. Leandro Typeface Pro includes 320 glyphs with international language support.

A tribute to Vicente Silva Manansala. He was a Filipino cubist painter and illustrator, born in Macabebe, Philippines in 1910 and died of cancer in Manila, the Philippines in 1981. Manansala was the developer of transparent cubism.

The font was based on Manansala’s abstract paintings. You will get two font files, a hand-drawn and a clean version.